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“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

-Toni Morrison


Hey guys! I’m so glad you are here! I am a 17-year-old homeschooler and TCK(Third culture kid) who has a love for art and creating things. I write a blog post every now and then, whenever I feel inspired. So feel free to follow me if you want to.

The story behind the name

My blog’s name, Halfway Home, is named this because being a TCK, I never feel 100% home. When in china(where we live) I miss everyone and all our family in America. However, when I’m in America, I miss the Chinese culture, my house, my pets, and my friends. So no matter where I am or where I live, I’ll always be 50% home and never 100% home. 

Ten things Eloria likes (If you like any of these, tell me and we can dork out together!)

  1. Fish
  2. Dogs
  3. Fashion
  4. Lord of the Rings
  5. Rock music
  6. Sewing
  7. Creating things
  8. Tea!
  9. Reading
  10. Stories with sad endings

My most recent posts

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